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Harmonic distortion is a key issue not only in low voltage, but also medium and high voltage Power Factor Correction (PFC). The installation of detuning reactors helps to protect capacitor installations from dangerous and devastating resonances by preventing any amplification of harmonic currents and voltages caused by resonance between capacitors and inductances in the mains. At the same time, it reduces the overall level of harmonic distortion in the mains.

We now expanding our long-year experience in making reactors for low-voltage PFC to the field of medium voltage up to 10kV. The low-loss reactors which are made of aluminum or copper windings on iron cores, are optimized for use with our CAPACITORS.

Technical Data

Rated Voltage:                  3.3kV~35kV

Rated frequency:              50Hz or 60Hz

Dielectric Test:                  50Hz 35kV, 60s (less than 10kV)

Cooling method:                natural air

Ambient temperature:        -25 ~ +50

Elevation above sea level: 2000m a.s.l.

Inductance tolerance:        -2 ~ +3%

Blocking factor p%:            5%-14%

Linearity:                            1.55-2.2 IN

Insulation class:                  H

Maximum humidity:             90%

Design method:                  single phase or three phase, dry type Iron core, multiple air gap

Winding material:               Copper / Aluminum

Terminals:                          Copper Bar / CUPONAL Bar

Advanced technology of DNSR detuning reactors (medium voltage) have the features of high linearity, high over-current capability and low losses. Vacuum impregnation by special resin material provides better insulation function, high voltage stress, low noise and long service time, as well as water-repellent.

The number and position of air gaps are selected in order to minimize losses in magnetic core and windings. Limbs, yokes and air gaps are blocked by adhesives and pressing elements designed to reduce acoustic noise. The reactors passed by TUV EN 60076-6 certification.