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DNSVG is a Static Var Generator (SVG) that improves power quality, offers many excellent features including enhanced stability, extended product lifetime, fast response, wide power range, large capacity, smooth tuning, low harmonics, stable system voltage, and many more, for greatly improved power quality.

Electrical Specification

Rated Voltage: AC380V±20%, AC690V±20%

Electric Connection: 3P3W

Rated Frequency: 50Hz (60Hz) +/- 10%

Harmonic compensation range: 2nd ~ 50th order (individual selectable)

Harmonic Elimination Rate: > 97%, grid side after elimination THDu< 3%, THDi< 5%

Reactive power compensation ability: Dynamic or static, PF=1 or can be set

Loads type: inductive load, resistive load, inter-phase load(3P3W)

Full respond time: < 3ms

Thermal Loss: 2.5

Protection: over or under voltage, over temperature, over loading,

short circuit, IGBT over heat, reverse phase sequence,

loss phase, auto restart setting

Power quality correction object: reactive power, harmonics, 3 phase unbalance,

voltage fluctuation and flicker

Control performance

Controller: 2 DSPs control

Communication: Modbus Protocol, RS232/485

Connection: Fiber or Electric

Structural performance

IP Grade: IP21 or Customization

Cooling Model: Intelligent air cooling

Installation: Cabinet Type/Embedded Type

Environmental requirement

Ambient Temperature: -10~50

Relative humidity (RH): 0~95% , No condensing

Altitude: ≤ 1000m Rated Capacity,

1000-2000m (derating 1% per 100m)

Improves power factor

continuously outputs and compensates reactive power to maintain power factor > 0.99. The  compensation performance is 1.2 times better than a traditional compensation device (capacitor)

Suppresses harmonics

configures the required amount of reactive current in real-time and compensates the reactive power to filter high order harmonics

Immediate reaction

immediate configuration capability provides immediate analysis and reaction time. Provides cycle reaction < 15ms and dynamic reaction < 50us.

Low voltage benefits

output current is not affected by the mains voltage fluctuation, providing stable support for mains voltage.

Low consumption rate and high operation efficiency

adopts new standard IGBT with low power consumption rate and improves full set device efficiency up to 99%. The system provides low power consumption.

Modular design, easy extension

no need for additional reactor or capacitors and the compact design reduce volume by 50%-60%. It is easy to maintain with a specially designed air path that facilitates module assembly and extension.

Highly reliable and safe

Robust design for power system eliminates resonance problems, with no more amplified harmonic current and voltage. It extends components' life cycle and protects the system.