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DNAPF active power filter is your key to a clean grid for more efficient production. DNAPF adopts the industry's highest standard 32-bit digital microprocessor to instantly compensate for all types of harmonics for ultimate power quality improvement. Perfect control of harmonic distortion reduces power loss and heat generation. DNAPF is compact in design for all users to manage their space efficiently and is mounted with 65,536-color TFT HMI for more realistic images and a vivid display. The ultimate mission of DNAPF is to provide you with improved power quality, lower energy loss and lower maintenance costs.

DNAPF is a power filter device that can monitor load current and filter harmonics in real-time to maintain a clean line current. It monitors the load current in real-time using a current transformer and injects the exact opposite phase to the network of components that are be filtered. It can also provide leading and lagging reactive current in real-time to improve the power factor and compensate reactive power.

Electrical Specification

Rated Voltage: AC 400V +15% to - 20%

Electric Connection: 3P3W/3P4W

Rated Frequency: 50Hz (60Hz) +/- 10%

Steady-state Voltage: THD <15%

Harmonic compensation range: 2nd ~ 50th order (individual selectable)

Harmonic compensation degree: 0 ~ 100% Can be set

Harmonic Elimination Rate: > 97%, grid side after elimination THDu< 3%, THDi< 5% *

Reactive Power Compensation Capacity: Positive, Negative, Zero Sequence Reactive

Full respond time: < 20ms

Instant respond time: < 100us

Thermal Loss: ≤ 3%

Output Current Restriction: Auto 100% rated current limitation

Most Parallel Num (System): Up to 10 racks (7 modules per rack)

MTBF: > 100 thousand hours

Control performance

Switching Frequency: 60KHz

Controller: 3 DSPs control

Communication: Modbus Protocol, RS232/485

Connection: Fiber or Electric

Structural performance

Weight: Max Capacity < 500KG

IP Grade: IP20 or IP21 or Customization

Cooling Model: Intelligent air cooling

Noise: < 65dB(A) @1m (Module)

Installation: Cabinet Type/Embedded Type

Environmental requirement

Ambient Temperature: -10~50

Relative humidity (RH): 0~95% , No condensing

Altitude: ≤ 1000m Rated Capacity,

1000-2000m (derating 1% per 100m

flexible application modular design, embedded in PDU cabinet

multifunctional: harmonic, reactive power, imbalance elimination

high elimination rate: up to 97%

good reactive compensation: high speed (ms), precise (-0.99PF 0.99)

bi-directional (capacitive and inductance) compensation

good imbalance compensation: imbalance compensation, neutral current compensation

wide grid voltage & frequency range, adapts to tough environment

low thermal loss (3% rated power), efficiency97%

high stability: infinite impedance for grid, no effect no grid impedance and other equipment

easy installation and maintenance: plug-in operation for exchange and expansion
large capacity range:50A-525A for single cabinet and 10 cabinets parallel

high environment adaptability: 50temperature, pass class-9 astigmatic test, operates with corrosive         gas and diesel generator

full featured operation interface: event log, auto-alarm, fault record by EEPROM, parameter setting

function setting> auto self-diagnosis, soft start time setting, EPO