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Immediate compensation of inductive reactive power is very often the only way to cope with disturbances imposed on the mains by huge, rapidly changing inductive loads. Conventional capacitor switching devices with reaction periods of 20...90 seconds can not comply with such intensive requirement.

The DNDT thyristor switch module makes reaction times of 20 milliseconds possible. The switching is done, practically without reactive effects, at zero voltage level (no voltage between input and output). DNDT has a very compact design, convenient connection, integral overheating protection and LED indication for the switching signal and excessive temperature.

Rated Voltage:               230V, 400V

Rated Frequency:          50Hz, 60Hz

Max Capacitor Power:   50Kvar (three phase), 45Kvar (single phase)

Driving Voltage:             DC 12V

Driving Current:             30mA

Protection Class:            IP30

Reaction Time:              1~20mS

Altitude abv.s.l.:             3000m

Cooling method:           Natural cooling, fan cooling when temperature over 40

                                      Integral overheating protection when temperature over 80

Temperature Class:       -20/B

Service Life:                   over 15 years

Weight:                         4.1kgs

Installation Environment:

Temperature:               -25~ 55

Humidity:                      4020% ~ 90%

No sharp shakes

No conductive dust

No corrosive gas

Fan's data:

Rated Voltage:             220V/50Hz

Rated Power:               21W

zero voltage switching, no inrush current, no grid voltage flicker

photoelectric isolation, strong anti-interference ability, immediate reaction (20ms)

compact design module, convenient connection

LED signal display

built-in auto-control fan

integral overheating protection (80)

durable casting design

touchable safety connection

protection class: IP30

no noise, no abrasion, keep long service life