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The power factor controller DNKL-12J/D paralleled with capacitor to control the automatic switching of capacitor compensation, improve the power factor and power transformer utilization efficiency and reduce the loss.

The power factor controller calculates the active and reactive power in mains from the measured current and voltage. The intelligent control algorithm optimizes the switching sequences and guarantees for short regulation times with minimum number of switching. At the same time, switching operations are equally shared among the available capacitor branches where possible. The integrated connection control immediately detects in which phases voltage and current are measured, and adapts the entire system automatically. The very low current threshold of 10mA allows for very reliable and exact PF control. 1A as well as 5A current transformers can be used without additional manual adjustments. The power supply covers a voltage range of 100V-220V.

Operation voltage: 100-260V AC/ 50/60Hz, 100-260V DC

AC voltage sampling: 100V/380V

AC current sampling: 5A/1A

No. of output: 12

Output rating for contactor: 250VAC, 5A

Output rating for thyristor switch: 12VDC, 50mA

Communication interface: RS485

Communication protocols: Modbus

Baud Rate: 2400,4800,9600bit/s

Power consumption: 15VA

Protection class: IP40


4.3' color panel, UI design

Power Factor, Voltage, Current, active power, reactive power, apparent power, mains frequency

ambient temperature and humidity

2nd to 50th harmonic voltage and current column charts

system voltage and current oscillogram

Other Features:

multi-function for both contactor and thyristor switch

self protection during insuffient or excessive voltage and current

self protection if phase shortage, over load, over temperature and over harmonic voltage

record for every time alarm information and every month the capacitor operation situation

setting the capacitor switching and power operations by a branch, automatically select the appropriate capacity of the capacitor

all the data will be kept even power failure

RS485 port for PC or remote control unit